A Track Record that
Withstands Market Cycles

Romspen has become one of Canada’s largest non-bank commercial mortgage lenders. Our investment managers’ goal is to provide simplified solutions that deliver stable, consistent risk-adjusted cash returns to investors through an entrepreneurial yet diligent approach to real estate investing.

As lenders, we offer borrowers timely and secure capital deployment, the capacity to get on board with innovative projects overlooked by traditional lenders and flexible, value-added guidance.

Our investors include high net worth individuals, foundations, endowments and pension plans; serving our clients is a privilege we’ve earned. As problem-solving experts with an entrepreneurial approach, solutions focus and proven skill set, we are uniquely structured to create value for our investors and borrowers.

Romspen: Facts and Figures

  • $3.4


    Aggregate AUM

  • 25


    of positive net investor returns

  • 7.4%


    average annualized
    return to investors
    over 10 years

Data above is as at September 30, 2022. Romspen returns are historical compounded returns, after deducting management fees and expenses payable by the Fund, and include changes in unit value and assume the reinvestment of all distributions. They do not take into account any applicable sales, redemption, or distribution charges, or income taxes payable by any unitholder, that would have reduced returns. The calculation assumes a fixed historical monthly starting and ending date at the Unit value at such date, and that Unit values are capped at $10.00.

Our Story

Decades of Commercial
Lending Excellence

  1. An adjunct lending business begins as part of the real estate law practice of Louis W. Spencer, the managing partner of Toronto law firm Spencer Romberg.

  2. Sheldon Esbin and Arthur Resnick join Spencer; the mortgage lending business is formally organized as Romspen.

  3. By this time the mortgage business has outgrown the law practice’s business.

  4. Romspen’s mortgage investments continue to be syndicated to a growing number of sophisticated individual investors.

  5. Romspen evolves into a commercial and industrial mortgage specialist.

  6. Due to increasing scale, Romspen converts the individual mortgage syndication business into a diversified fund.

  7. Romspen grows to its first billion dollars under management.

  8. Romspen’s mortgage portfolio grows to $3 billion in assets, 120+ active mortgage loans and 54 employees.